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The Role of a Property Manager


A good Highland Park Property Manager will ensure they know the area your investment is in better than anyone. knowing the cost of surrounding sales properties and the rates for rentals is a huge advantage for you as an investor.


Highland Park Property Management industry is run by a majority of franchised corporations who create methods that can often take away from the job a Property Manager should be doing. No investment is the same and therefore it is crucial that each strategy and process is adjusted accordingly. This is one advantage of having a Personal Property Manager on your side.


Why Highland Park is a great place to invest


Highland Park is a thriving suburb with an ever-growing business district and a place to accommodate many different demographics. As our reputation grows around Australia many more oversees investors, families and businesses call Highland Park their home. Which is why it is important that a Property Manager doesn’t just know the area, but knows about investing as well. Having investment properties of my own is an advantage I have as a Highland Park Property Manager. Investing in this area is a wise choice and I would love to be the one to help you find a tenant and manage your property.


Weighing up costs


Having a Property Manager in Highland Park is crucial. Many owners manage their own properties due to the fees that may be charged by using a professional. However there are many advantages to hiring someone like myself. This includes:

  • Constant monitoring and updates
  • 0 tolerance for late rent payments
  • security of your investment
  • longer tenancies

often the costs of Property Management Golf Coast are outweighed by the advantages, and in the long term can actually be better for your back pocket as you will avoid many legal issues, vacancy issues and time management issues.


I make your asset my priority


Even though you own a property or more you more than likely have other aspects of life you need to attend to, like work, family etc. The best part about using someone like myself for your Highland Park Property Management is that this is my job. A huge portion of my time is spent ensuring that your property, your investment is well taken care of and I ensure you are informed about every relevant aspect.


My methods


Through my 13 years in the industry as a Senior Property Manager I have been able to come up with my own methods and structures to ensure my time is managed effectively and appropriately, this reflects on your property as it will never be pushed to the side or forgotten about, issues will be fixed a lot quicker and any emergencies will be attended to immediately, if you want to know more about my methods and practices please check out my about page.


There are many more advantages to a Highland Park Property Manager. The best way to find out what is best suited to your situation please fill in the contact form and I will contact you in the quickest possible time so we can discuss your options.

Why I am different


I am a home owner and an investor

Having owned, rented and sold my own properties, I know EXACTLY what is required to be a good Property Manager.

I understand the importance of providing quality management of your investment and working with you to maximise the return on your most valued investment.


I have 13 years experience

As I have been in the industry a long time, I have seen the industry change with the times and the different legislation’s and systems required to maintain a property portfolio successfully, however during the time, I have constantly re-educated myself, by attending training sessions, with the abundance of resources available, by being around the local area all these years, and talking to different industry leaders, and through my own experiences, has earnt me the respect from all my clients.


I offer loyalty and stability

Property Management has a high turn over of staff, and with a consent change in staff, the standard drops, things are misplaced or forgotten, it is important you know and trust who is looking after your investment.

I offer long term, loyal and quality management of your investment.

You will have direct access to my email and mobile number, and we will be in touch constantly with all aspects of your property.

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