How I started as a Property Manager

Halfway through High School my father offered me a job to work as the weekend receptionist for his Real Estate office. I did however see this job as a brilliant opportunity to get some experience and also have an income.

Once school was finished, I started working full time, and completed my Real Estate courses and certificate in my spare time. As my experience grew I began seeing new opportunities with the real estate industry and spent my weekends learning what the Sales team and Property Managers do and what is required of them. Within the first few months of doing this I knew I wanted to become a Property Manager. This was largely due to the high level of organisation and customer service required, two things which I always enjoyed and was good at. Working my way through the ranks I eventually was able to be hired as a Senior Property Manager and have not looked back since.

Going into my 13th year as a Property Manager I have had the opportunity to manage hundreds of different properties and with this experience I have been able to create my own methods and structures to more effectively manage people’s biggest investment.

My Methods

Taking into account my years of on the job experience, my training and my own research I have created a system called T.R.A.C.E which stands for the following:

Transparency – I am managing what is potentially your biggest investment, it is crucial that you know what is involved in this process and therefore I make it completely transparent to you.

Right attitude – Attitude is everything when it comes to success. My goal is to create success, not just for myself, but for everyone around me. That includes my clients.

Attention to detail – In property management the majority of issues arise when finer details are missed, making attention to detail part of a process rather than just a skill allows me to dedicate as much time as possible to ensuring your investment is in safe hands.

Communication – As a property owner you have the right to know what is happening with your investment and you should always be regularly updated with any changes.

Education – I constantly continue to educate myself within my industry so that I am ahead of the rest. I am also willing to share my knowledge with my clients so that you know the ins and outs of property investing and management.

I practice what I preach

Over the years, I have bought and sold many properties of my own, all on the Gold Coast. I am proud to say I am also an investor and home owner, I understand the importance of what it takes to be a thorough and dedicated Property Manager, I know what works and what doesn’t as I have lived it myself.